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is a college, student-run, internet-only radio station. 
We are based out of Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore! 

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Radio WICV is generally NSFW

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Dream Girl - Dedicated to discussing and playing music by/for queer femmes/women.

Bird Watching Live - Multi-genre alternative music consisting of mostly deepcuts and B-sides but probably with some hits too. And then we’ll probably talk a bit in between.

Threesome - 2 hotties looking 4 a 3rd playing cool tunes in the meantime.

Where’s my Wife? - Music! Rap, alt-rock, post punk… Whatever I am into at the moment, plus occasional impromptu ramblings and spoken word.

Banger Central - Groovy songs with electronic elements.

Koalas Knee - DJ Koalas Knee playing lots of bangers.

…And They Were ROOMMATES - Gay roommate power hour!

Evan Is Cool - The coolest radio show on WICV! Tune in to hear what’s cool by Evan’s standards each week!

The Last Radio Show in Oregon - Music and discussion.

Man About Town - Music 4 u from me.

Glad to Be Here - Cute but depressed.

Thoughts From the Pit

Objectively Good - I play music that I am liking.

Radio Throwback Theater - Unearthing classic Radio dramas and sharing them once more with the world alongside audio hijinks of the highest order.

Really Real Reality Smackdown - We follow, discuss and give our hot takes on the latest reality shows. We cover shows from a variety of genres, such as the Bachelor, Terrace House, the Voice, and Great British Baking Show.

Balt Tisney - Listen 2 me and my chaotic friends talk about random topics like senior thesis, the Sims, our current movie/tv show obsessions, and jam to some of our favorite songs.

What the Folk?! - Folk my life.

Outta Pocket People - It’s a show! Debut music?

Yes, I’m Still Emo - Emo hits; a throwback to the golden days of My Chemical Romance, and up-to-date emo hits.

Laura is Trying - I’ll spend 10-15mins talking about existential topics. Then I’ll play music, no particular genre that relate to the topic.

The End. - A sort of ‘Welcome to Nightvale’, local NPR music and audiobook rendition of giving local MICA students a platform to give their creative voice life. Hosted and edited, anyone is able to contribute original stories, performances or etc!

Weenie Hut Sophomores - Anson & Jess brighten your day.

College Thots - Songs on a different theme each week with short commentary, memories, and poems.

(and don’t shuffle) - Artisinal, hand-crafted playlists that’ll give you the flow you need.

Comfy - Tune into Jin & Kii’s shenanigans. Two bros chillin’ on the radio :)

Let’s listen to whatever Meredith feels like - I play music, I have a wide variety of genres that I like so I don’t think I can assign myself just one genre.

The Jampoline - From old-school to new-school, sweet jams you can bounce to.

Sketch-I-Cast - A podcast dedicated to the experiences of animation and graphic design students at MICA.

Are We Cool Yet? - Music and chatter from the only collective that matters.

Big Slappy’s Big Hour - A pleasant evening with the sounds of Maya Halko and Donovan Kramer.

The quiet kids - Two friends share thoughts on their experiences of shyness & introversion and play some alternative music.

Morning Parfait - I show up and I tell random stories and things on my mind and play music that may or may not be related to said thoughts.

?!. - A spoken series of poetic prompts for contemplating and performing.

Spilled Milk - A weird talk show about dumb random stuff that comes into my head. I’ll give advice, answer questions, play games, play music, have guests, and more!

Don’t Listen to This - Seriously, don't listen to this: You might accidentally learn something. Music (mostly prog/math/post rock, electronica, jazz) and talks about being aware of the world in which we all live in.

Creepazoid - I talk about the paranormal, the spooky, or just the straight up strange things that beetle around in this world of ours. Sometimes, I intersperse music to break up the show or just play it in one big block.