Radio WICV is on summer break! See you in the fall!

is a college, student-run, internet-only radio station. 
We are based out of Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore! 

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Radio WICV is generally NSFW

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Binaural - Nice beats & fun facts

Because The Night - Woke words and wisdom from Patti Smith, MLK, Jim Morrison and more

Kolasny Time - Music and talk show with guests.

Off Beet - Each week we have a show dedicated to a theme, artist, decade, or holiday.

Wombat Catharsis - Music and maybe some talk about life and animals.

Maddie Plays Whatever - Bands, genres, or playlists with a theme.

Boogie Time - Jams and live sax.

not ur moms - Weekly themed playlists curated by two big giant sewer rats.

DJ Crybaby and the Feelings Circle - Music that makes you feel shit

Sorry I'm Late- A "scape" of rare, classic, experimental, and fresh content and discussions. It explores the daunting vastness of digital space.

Radio Throwback Theater - Broadcasts of vintage, varied genre, radio dramas, with occasional reenactments by MICA voice actors and foley artists.

Slow Island - Researched informational stories about forgotten people of history as well as groovy music playlists.

I Just Called To Say... - Playlists curated based on voicemails

Hangtime - A unique blend of podcast and DJing exploring music, and the young and local artists that make it. Sets, interviews, and more.

Usual Idiot - Some stuff



Send us a song or album and we might add it to the playlist that plays between shows!