Radio WICV will be back very soon! You can listen to our master playlist streaming right now!

is a college, student-run, internet-only radio station. 
We are based out of Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore! 

Check out our schedule for live broadcasts! 
To get in contact with us please send an email to

Radio WICV is generally NSFW

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Wombat Zone - I play the random mishmash of music I like. Maybe I’ll talk

Koalas Knee - An hour of just about anything, but probably just good music

Evan Is Cool - An uplifting, positive stream from dance to chill to get you through the week. New artists I listen to, genres that are trending

Not Ur Moms - Weekly themed playlists curated by two big giant sewer rats

On Rotation - New music from rising artists weekly. It’s various genres, and a whole lot of fun and junk

Radio Throwback Theater - A power half-hour of vintage radio dramas featuring themed skit introductions by yours truly!

Off Beet - We’re a vegan podcast, I guess

Where The Wild Things Are - A multi-genre exploration of experimental twists on a variety of styles

Josh TBD - A different guest artist every week comes on to talk about their practice, play music that inspires them, and make noise

Time Off - Playing any and every music for you and me (mostly me)

No News News Show - Weird news and smaller stories for half an hour. A lot of political stories but also just weird local news

YEET Your Veggies - Diverse music and call-in advice