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 Transceiver Radio is a collaboratively produced experiment in radio as cultural commons that will be sharing our Internet-waves from May 3rd - June 8th!

Hey there! Thanks for visiting the official Radio WICV site!

We are currently on our off season, but check back this fall for new shows and continued broadcasting!

In the meantime, lend your ears to Transceiver Radio, learn more and tune in!

is a college, student-run, internet-only radio station. 
We are based out of Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore! 

Check out our schedule for live broadcasts! 
To get in contact with us please send an email to

Radio WICV is generally NSFW

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Daddy Issues - A mix of some chit-chat and playlists made by yours truly ;) each week!

Head_Space - A different guest artist every week comes on to talk about their practice, play music that inspires them, and make noise

Wombat Zone - A show where I play whatever weird mix of genres I’m currently into.

Koalas Knee - A weekly auditory experience hosted by Nick “Koalas Knee”

Evan Is Cool - A show of the coolest, most current music I listen to from dance to chill with a weekly theme. It’s really cool, I promise.

Not Ur Moms - Weekly themed playlists curated by two big giant sewer rats

@AoBones - Exploring music from around the world (Korean, Japanese, French, etc.) and chatting about anything

Just Savannah - Shining a goodnight light

What the Folk?! - Join me for a folkin’ good time as I share and discuss classic and rising folk tunes from a century ago through today.

(and don’t shuffle) - Affordable, handcrafted, artisanal DJing for your ears and mine. I make playlists that flow, its recommended not to shuffle.

College Thots - Half podcast and half playlist, segments related to music and friends sharing stories and ideas on a different topic every week.

Big Slappy’s Big Hour - A talk show/occasional (good) music show. May include stories and unsolicited advice.

The Earworm Brigade - We discuss and play the songs that get stuck in our head

Rock n’ Roll Power Hour - Like to rock? Maybe roll too? This show plays an hour of classic, modern, hard, punk, and alt rock! Along with live music at 30 minutes.

Weather Report - Weather based music and hijinks

Where The Wild Things Are - A multi-genre exploration of experimental twists on a variety of styles

Off Beet - We’re a vegan podcast, I guess

Yeet Your Veggies - Diverse music and call-in advice!